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How to renew Indonesian domestic maid’s passport DIY without an agent’s help

How to renew Indonesian domestic maid’s passport DIY without an agent’s help

In the past when a maid needed to renew their passport, it was typical that we would approach a maid agent to carry out the necessary.

In the most recent case of our Indonesian maid having to renew her passport here in Singapore, I decided to DIY and to find out the procedures which from hearsay was uncomplicated and extremely straight forward.

Henceforward I could save paying a fee to the agent and for all future cases, I could thus renew the passports of future maids without a hitch.

For anyone interested to DIY like me, foremost before proceeding, please check on the expiry date of your maid’s work permit and her passport.  

Normally , it was advisable by the Embassy that the passport should be renewed at least 2 weeks before the expiry of the work permit, not the expiry of her passport or whichever expire earlier.

Before the actual day , one must get ready all the necessary documents and to choose a suitable date.

Consequently, on 8 July 2014, our maid together with the Employer mentioned in the work permit went together with myself for this matter.

We chose Tuesday as Monday, being all Mondays were often crowded everywhere because of the weekends.

These are the following documents to bring along:

1) Form PERDIM 11 form which can be downloaded from the Embassy website  (  OR  ) or obtain one from the counter upon arrival. Just get the maid to fill it in as it is in Indonesian language, but make sure she fill it with black ink pen.

2) One photocopy of Employer’s I/C ( front and back)

3) One photocopy of maid’s passport, front and back page and also bring the original passport

4) One copy of her Singapore work permit (front and back) and also the original work permit.

 5) You can bring along other form of identifications like Driver’s license, EZ link card, etc. This is to help you submit one ID at the security counter while you bring the original work permit or passport or I/C to the counter for the renewal.

That’s all the documents you need to bring. Remember to bring cash ( S $38) for the payment of the new passport. It seems that they do not accept credit cards, or Nets.


Take note of the Embassy address:

Indonesian Embassy in Singapore

No: 7, Chatsworth Road

Singapore 249761
( Between Botanic Gardens and Redhill MRT) besides Tanglin Road.

Telephone   (+65) 6737-7422

Telefax         (+65) 6737-5037



On that date, set out early. Be ahead of time so that you can park your car along the side road of the Embassy which has limited space but be prepared that you may get an illegal parking ticket.

It may be more convenient to go by taxi and also then return by taxi .  Getting  a taxi along the main road of the Embassy is effortless as many people will arrive there by taxi and you can easily get one to go back. In addition, you can also radio a taxi or use Mobileapps like Grabtaxi.

The Embassy opens on normal business day at 9am to 12 noon (Monday to Friday except PH) for passport renewal.

But when you arrive, you will find that there may be already a short queue at the security guard’s post.

Upon clearing the security, proceed to the first floor waiting area at the main building. There is sufficient signage to guide you there.

Upon entering, take a queue number and wait to be called at Counter 1, 2 and 3. You can wait at the reception area for your number. Meanwhile, you can use the restrooms located on the same floor.

Unless you are first five in the line, you may take your breakfast at the canteen which is located just behind the reception area in the outside garden area ( 5 metres away)

Simple breakfast should cost you about S$6 each. The waiting time to submit the passport renewal should take about 10 mins to 30 mins depending on the queue and your queue number.

Please note that you need not be present at this renewal submission as the maid should be able to carry it out on her own as it is very simple.

After the maid has submitted the documents to the counter and all things being in order, she will be given a form for collection of the new passport with the date of collection stated on it. 

Usually, the collection date should be 3 days later in the afternoon only (between 2.30pm to 5pm except PH) and from the same counters.

Since the application was made on Tuesday morning, hence the collection day would be on Friday afternoon.

For collection of domestic worker passport, a work agreement must be produced. The work agreement is issued by Consular Department (second floor of the Indonesian Embassy) after the domestic worker and her employer are interviewed by our officer.

Before proceeding to the second floor, the maid must pay at the cashier’s counter for the passport renewal which costs S$38 for 48 pages passport.

After that, she must wait at the reception area again to wait her name to be called into the Biometric Room for her thumbprint and her signature.

After all these matters are fulfilled, only then will the Employer needs to proceed with the maid to the 2nd storey of the same building for a short interview for work agreement.

When both of you reach the 2nd storey, take another queue number and wait. The Embassy staff will call both of you thereafter for a short interview when they will enquire about her current pay and her off days. The whole interview takes less than 5 minutes.

By now, all matters are in order, just wait again at the reception before the Embassy staff will return to you the collection form duly cleared and in good order.

Now after all this, you and your maid can go back, which in our case, the whole procedure only takes 1 to one half hours.


Three days later, your maid can go alone to the Embassy following the same procedure at the same premise to collect her new passport.

The new passport can also be collected by the Employer, the maid herself or someone with the same address of the Employer with an authorization letter.

Remember to bring the collection form.

You can only collect the passport in the afternoon (Monday to Friday except PH) between 2.30pm to 5pm.

The whole procedure to collect the passport is again very simple and fast with the passport collected in just 30 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Hi! :)

Can I check with u? You mentioned that employer has to be there to be interviewed and below you mentioned that they can sole to it alone. I am a little confused. Does the employer need to appear o be interviewed then can collect? Or the helper an do everything by herself?

Thanks in advance!

Great post

Yeow H Tan said...

Regarding your query, the Employer must be present at the application of renewal of maid's passport. The Employer needs to show his or her face for part of application process when the form for application is lodged at the counter. After that, the maid can handle most of the process herself like the bio metric, etc.

Also if your maid wants to take her annual leave, the Employer can proceed to the 2nd storey to apply for the working contract which needs the Employer and the maid to attend an interview with officer before the working contract valid for 2 years us given on the same day.

For collection of the new passport, the maid can collect it alone 3 days later but only in the afternoon.