Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Be sure to try this Cancer Plant

Be sure to try this Cancer Plant   

To all cancer patients and everyone who want to prevent it, there are unquestionably further organic remedies and natural therapies than known by the medical world of the modern day.

Often and day by day, we stumble upon accounts and true stories of courageous people when endeavoring out natural remedies for their illnesses and of their success stories of these survivors who had trodden the unknown path.

When someone unfortunately contracts this undesirable sickness, no one should let go of any iota of chance of attempting unproven method in the eyes of the medical world but these can be major breakthroughs that bring a turning point of their lives for those who dare to try and to have a go at it. Well, as the saying: no one really knows!

Yes, I am talking about a known natural cure known to some simple local folks of the yesteryears but scorn by the highly educated and medical science of the modern world.

Right, one of my friends has discovered an orthodox but easy cure for cancer. This is not my personal experience and I have not tried them as I do not have cancer at all.

But as I have to repeat this again, everyone who is desperate for the breakthrough cure for cancer should not let this pass. Have a go at it!! Have a go at it, you never know!!!

Recently, a friend whom I knew from the past contacted me out of the blue. After relating her update on her life, she encouraged me to speak to her husband who was about 10 years older than her.

In the last few months, he had discovered by sheer accident that he had terminal cancer. No pain, no symptoms, no whatsoever, he had simply carried his life without a hitch until recently. He lived his life as normal and could eat and sleep normally.

Because of a sports injury, he went to carry out a MRI on his spine.

The MRI had brought a dismal but unexpected turning point in his life. He was told by the results of the MRI findings that there were many lumps in his human organs. More medical tests and further consultations later, the doctors concluded that he had terminal prostate cancer.

At home, he thought about his recent event developing in his life. Out of the blue which I believed, by God's guidance, he received an inspiration about a local plant that he had faithfully grown and taken care of for many years.

He had prior knowledge that this plant was known to help cancer patients for years but he had never expect to consume them. This plant that he took care of innocently for umpteen years turned out to be the most rewarding and most important personal effort for him.

So he decided to give it a try and take the risk. He started to consume the leaves of the plant in its raw form every day, about 10 to 15 leaves each time.

After 3 months of this simple treatment, he proceeded for his check up and blood test. To the utter and complete surprise of the doctor and to my friend, the cancer marker fell 99% to almost zero.

Let me now elaborate on this plant, two of its species are found and grown locally here in Singapore and Malaysia.

These species available in Singapore and the neighboring countries are called "Pereskia Bleo", the one with the orange flower or “ pereskia grandifolia”, the one with the purple flowers.

It's a bushy shrub or small tree that can grow to a high height of 2 to 8 metres in the open fields. The purple flower species is known as "pereskia grandifolia" has longer but lesser thorn on its stem with thicker uncorrugated leaves. The orange flower species is called “pereskia Bleo” has shorter thorns with thinner and corrugated leaves.

Both species belong to the botanical family of cactaceae . It is a leafy cactus, native to the forests of Central America that can grow to a woody, prickly high shrub with large attractive flowers that resembles orange blossom.

They have been used by the natives of Central America for the treatments of many minor ailments. The locals in Singapore and Malaysia called them “Jarum Tujuh Bilah “

Because of the thorns on their stems, they should therefore be grown in places where it will not hurt children or elderly. It needs plenty of sunlight and normal watering every day. However do not add any fertisilser to the plant, let it grow naturally with just strong sunlight and plenty of clean water.

Both pereskia  bleo and pereskia grandifolia have been used as natural remedies for cancer related diseases, either eaten raw or taken as a concoction brewed from the leaves of the plants. They are believed to be anti-cancer, anti- tumor, anti- rheumatic, anti- ulcer and anti- inflammatory properties.

They are also used as remedies for relief of headaches, gastric pain, ulcers, hemorrhoids, dermatitis and for revitalizing the body.

In addition, they have been used as a water purifier, insect repellant, hypertension, diabetes, stomach and gastric pain.

Some of their Common names are: Chinese Rose, Wax Rose, Spinach Cactus, Desert Rose and Rose Cactus.

Please read other related articles on the toxicity of the plants before consuming the right amount each day.


Because of this incident, I have purchased two pots of plants from a nursery in Sembawang Road for only S$5 per plant. Now I take good care of it every day and tell everyone of what I have discovered so that many more can be enlightened to spread the discovery to help many more.

As for me, I will boil the leaves of this plant, about 5 to 10 leaves. After consuming it, I drink a cup of warm green tea.

That’s all I have to share. I hope that this can bring someone a turning point to his or her health to those who choose to walk the unknown path that may be a breakthrough to their health and to their illnesses.

Additional info

In early 2018, I stumbled upon 2 huge Pereskia Bleo plants at Blk 11, Holland Drive. They are both fully and well grown, mature and ready for consumption. The photos are shown below:


Seah Yi Fong said...

Hi can i know where to buy this plant?

Yeow H Tan said...

Hi Seah, you can get this plant in most nurseries in Singapore but they are not big. If you want bigger plants, look out around in Singapore where there are wild plants or backyards...they exist plenty here in Singapore. You can also grow them.

Liza said...

Hi, Yeoh, I had tried going to few nurseries in the East areas as I live there, but mostly do not bring in this plant. To be exact can I have the nursery that you purchased this plant as I wanted to try them out for my mum who just been diagnosed with cancer stage 3 and have not yet start chemo. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

Yeow H Tan said...

Hi Liza, hope this plant can help your mum. My friend mentioned in this blog is still alive after consuming this plant since.

I bought this plant from a nursery ( Name : Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd ). Address : 17, Bah Soon Pah Road, off Sembawang Road..
Which is opposite entrance road of Sembawang Golf Course.

There are also several nurseries along this road.

Yeow H Tan said...

Liza, you call them first to check stock. Tel : 62573259

Liza said...

Thanks a lot. Yes, i did and purchased them. Great help!!!

Liza said...

Yes, I did. Managed to purchased the plant. Great help!!!

Leona Sim said...

I have alots of this plant. Anyone who is interested to grow can get cuttings from me. Self collect at AMK