Friday, February 26, 2010

The Fallen Miss Singapore Ris Low and her recurring appearance in the media


Ris Low . Enough of her already or you want more ? And why ?  20 Jan 2010
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My comments:

I think it is best for everybody to stop reporting the whole issue of Ris Low immediately.

1.  If you were Ris Low , you would read all these posted comments and criticisms . Sadly to say, they are mostly hate-mails than encouragements. How long does she want herself to be bashed up with these negative comments again and again and again?

Does she not has any pride? Does she enjoy all these negative feelings of herself??

2.  Why does the media use her numerous times to generate more news and public sentiments for themselves? In short , the media use her negatively and she was used negatively knowingly or unknowingly.

Doesn't the media realise ,by now , and understands the feelings of the general public and what the public wants?

Is the media so insensitive to poach on this subject time and again?

There are so many important and pressing life and death issues to report about that are happening around us . Why waste your time and resources on her so many times?

Who cares about her plans when compared to so such sufferings of so many people and children in this world?????

So many people are dying in the world and suffering so greatly. Spend some time watching CNN and BBC, even CNA and you will see many peoples struggling in their countries facing terrorisms, floods, extreme cold weather , bankruptcy,fatal accidents and of course, the latest , the shocking and sudden earthquake in Haiti which leaves so many local residents without food and water or roof over their head for several days.

Ris Low's future plan and her failure suddenly becomes so minute and insignificant.

It is time for the media to step back and re-focus their perspective .

It is better for the media to report on those current news that brings out our compassion that spurs us to some action of some kinds like giving donations rather than to report on such petty news that stir up our resentment more and more.

I beg you, media ,Ok, please no more on Ris Low , her life or her future plan.

She can go on her life quietly with whoever she wants or with whoever wants her or her story or her experience.

Please !!!!!! no more of her, I am going to pass out from negative feelings that is generating within me!!!!!

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First said...

I don't know why the media is so interested in her. She is a reject! Best to stop reporting on her, what about the other Miss Singapore, shouldn't coverage be given to the new Miss Singapore than the reject?