Friday, February 26, 2010

Nathanael to change the avatar on Facebook

For little Nathanael to change the icon of facebook.
My message to Nathanael Tan : The 3 headed dragon is not good and suitable for little christian boys! Please use something cuter like Nemo, Winnie the Pooh. This is what I want to explain:

My 8 year old nephew used a 3 headed green dragon icon for his facebook profile. I would like him to change to something cuter, like Nemo, Winnie the Pooh, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and many others that I displayed here.

I believe an icon represents a person , just like a person's name. Many parents would take a lot of effort to name their new-born baby carefully , some also consulted astrologers before names are given to their children.

Thus an icon represents someone or some places, like Sydney Opera House represents Australia, the London Bridge for England, the Statute of Liberty the United States and the
"Durian" ,our Esplanade represents Singapore.
Before anyone jumps into any conclusion that I am being superstitious, and fussy, let me relate to you what is happening around us.

Example 1 :  Many churches in Singapore will not encourage their members to read the Harry Potter Books series, because of its many references to witches, curses and other strange , weird spiritual stories mentioned in the books.

Example 2 : One pastor from my mum's church in Pasir Panjang also discouraged the members' usage of the toy "Pokeman" many years ago.

Many of the modern and new age toys are so gross and so gaudy ,they are so ugly and unattractive, some of them look so evil and so devilish, not a bit child-like. Why do people would buy for their children toys like Superman, Transformer, and many devilish looking toys!

What had happened to all the cute childhood toys that we had, such as Snoopy, cute little girls, and puppies.?  I don't remember much about childhood toys because we did not have much toys then, we only played with plants and ran along drains and in the open fields. So simple, so available yet so natural ! No strange toys, no dragons, no monsters!   

One last thought, why I won't use a dragon icon. In the Bible , the dragon is portrayed as the devil, Satan, the fallen angel who rebelled against God Almighty. If you are familiar with the Bible, read the book of Revelations.

So do not use any picture of dragon for all yours works or artworks for your home or leisure. Do use something simple and beautiful like those shown here:

Bye, Nathaneael, may you be like a cute boy for now ,like this little penguin.

Be  a blessed child.


Anonymous said...

yes, young children should have cute cartoons and toys. Maybe tthe manufacturers should stop bringing them into Singapore

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments and views. They are very enlightening. I also like the pictures and the cartoons. Keep it up!

yhwatan23 said...

I partly agree about the icon representing someone. I will not use ugly icons to represent me too. I share your view too.

Rachel Esther said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog!

I think you're spot on here with being careful about the things we use to represent ourselves. I work with teenage girls and am always careful to present myself modestly, and lovingly so they might learn to do the same - being an example of Christ. Keep setting your good example!